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Farmington Martial Arts - 24105 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington MI - (248) 474-0700
The Farmington Martial Arts system was developed by ten martial artists seeking to combine their knowledge to improve self-defense techniques and training methods. This group, called the Farmington Martial Arts Leadership Team, boasts over ...more
Castro's Martial Arts - 50701 Mound Rd, Shelby Township MI - (586) 739-3233
astro's Martial Arts opened it's doors in Shelby Twp on April 15th, 1994. Our mission statement is "to provide the best in martial arts training in the most updated and clean facility." After 10 years in our original facility at 23 Mile an...more
Faett's Ata Black Belt Acad - 410 Elmwood Rd, Lansing MI - (517) 321-6664
Five time ATA World Champion Senior Master Von Schmeling founded Victory Martial Arts in 1993. Only three years later, the American Taekwondo Association, which is the largest martial arts organization in the world, named Victory Martial Ar...more
Flushing Karate - 5409 W Pierson Rd, #1, Flushing MI - (810) 733-3000
Our school is the Largest Facility in the area. 2 full size training floors with brand new matted floors for a safe and clean training environment. Our convenient location is on Pierson Rd between Elms and Linden Rds. 1.5 Miles West of I-75...more
Detroit Martial Arts Institute - 13030 W 7 Mile Rd, Detroit MI - (313) 416-7000
A Martial Art can be defined as a system of techniques - physical and mental exercises developed as a successful means for self-defense, both armed and unarmed. Techniques, skills and abilities that are martial in nature but do not benefi...more