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Casper Martial Art Academy - 2105 E 12th St, Casper WY - (307) 577-7447
The Academy is able to reach children by teaching a combination of martial arts and life skills needed for building self-confidence, discipline, logic and nonviolent methods of conflict resolution....more
Pineda's Kenpo Karate - 2130 W Teton Blvd, Green River WY - (307) 875-8970
Kenpo Karate is an American form of martial arts that uses 80% hands and 20% feet techniques for self-defense.  It emphasizes street self-defense for men¸ women¸ and children....more
Bujinkan Buyu Lander Dojo - S 4th St Garfield St, Lander WY -
The Bujinkan Dojo ("Divine Warrior House") transmits the teachings of nine warrior schools, as taught by  grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. These traditions include authentic Samurai and Ninja schools. ...more
Eagle Spirit Acad-Tae Kwon DO - 1732 Sheridan Ave, Cody WY - (307) 527-5425
Here at Eagle Spirit Academy, we train all-around martial artists who encourage and support one another in training. Competition opportunities are offered, but never required. You will learn both Olympic and open sparring skills, along with...more
J Ps TKKA - 218 N. Ave D, Cheyenne WY - (307) 477-5545
Mr. Willie J. “Tuqik” Johnson is a native of Wyoming and graduated from East High School in Cheyenne. He served in the US Marine Corps and had many overseas tours, during which he visited various martial arts schools and studied...more