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Orem After School Martial Art Programs

Below are after school martial arts available in Orem.

Amys Martial Arts - 104 S State St, Orem UT - (801) 765-1039
Details: Amys Martial Arts is an international martial arts school, run by family members and is therefore very family-oriented. Our main goal is to teach our students confidence, discipline, respect and focus to help them achieve their goals. We ar... more

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu-Paul Tom's Academy of Mixed Martial Arts - 380 S Orem Blvd, Orem UT - (801) 362-0391

Krav Maga Utah - 1742 S State St, Orem UT - (801) 616-6805
Details: Our Krav Maga for kids program not only includes our great self-defense but also a special separate but integrated structure to help our young students learn focus, respect, courtesy, and other values.... more

Lindsay Martial Arts - 1668 S State St, Orem UT - (801) 367-6277
Details: Experience Martial Arts, Karate, MMA in Orem and Provo Utah. At the Lindsay Martial Art's Orem Utah Studio, we teach you awareness, self defense, concentration and focus. Martial Arts (Traditional Karate) also promotes strong leadersh... more

Lotus Blossom Martial Arts - 194 W Center St, Orem UT - (801) 229-1850
Details: Under the direction of Master Marshall Parnell, certified 5th dan Master in Taekwondo and 5th dan Master in Haidong Gumdo, we are one of Salt Lake City's leading martial arts schools.... more

Master Wohlwends Martial Arts - 676 E 1700 S, Orem UT - (801) 434-4204
Details: If you are looking for an established, traditional martial arts school where you can receive excellent instruction in the Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, then you've come to the right place!  We are one of the oldest schools in the Orem and Pro... more

Mixed Martial Arts Studio Orem - S State St, Orem UT - (385) 204-6154

Shotokan Karate Self-Defense - 575 N 1200 W, Orem UT - (801) 368-1865

Wing Chun Kung Fu Counsel - 1441 N State St, Orem UT - (801) 434-7225
Details: The Orem Branch of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council is dedicated to bringing students Wing Chun as passed down to Master Carlos Colorado by his sifu, Master Ron Heimberger. The school is supervised by Sifu Carlos Colorado, he is assisted by Si... more