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Raleigh After School Martial Art Programs

Below are after school martial arts available in Raleigh.

Aikido of Raleigh - 8032 Ray Road, Raleigh NC - (919) 676-4195
Details: Raleigh Ki Aikido is a member of the Eastern Ki Federation, a part of the Ki Society International founded by Soshu Koichi Tohei and headquartered in Tochigi, Japan. We strive to promote personal well-being and harmony in daily life through... more

Chinese Kungfu Center - 5655 Western Blvd, #A, Raleigh NC - (919) 233-4541
Details: The Chinese Martial Arts Center was conducted by Master Jing Chen with over 12 years of experiences in teaching Martial Art after his graduation from Wushu (Kung Fu) Department at University of Shang Hai in 1991.... more

Jackson's Black Belt Academy - 5405 Lattice Grove Pl, Raleigh NC - (919) 231-7944

Moore's Taekwondo America - 3929 New Bern Ave, Raleigh NC - (919) 231-0348

Nbs Gym - 1249 Wicker Dr, #B, Raleigh NC - (919) 821-7800
Details: Our focus is on providing an affordable, hassle-free environment where you can learn and train to the extent of your talents, abilities, and desire. We teach anyone, from beginner to advanced, youth to adult, for recreation or for serious c... more

Raleigh Martial Arts Center - 810 N West St, Raleigh NC - (919) 332-9943
Details: Raleigh Martial Arts Center for the Study and Practice of Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts... more

Triangle Kung-Fu Arnis Academy - 3601 Capital Blvd, Raleigh NC - (919) 790-0455
Details: Triangle Kung Fu Arnis Academy of Raleigh, NC We're dedicated to teaching Martial Arts. We offer instruction in Sil Lum Kung Fu, Modern Arnis, Tai Chi Chuan. In addition, We hold various training seminars.... more