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Atwater Martial Arts LLC - 698 Hartford Rd, Manchester CT - (860) 432-9945
At Atwater Martial Arts, we are dedicated to helping each and every student develop martial arts expertise, physical fitness and self-defense skills. We have classes for men, women and children of all ages and skill level. Each class is an ...more
Kevin Sullivan's Black Belt - 1235 Farmington Ave, #5, Bristol CT - (860) 584-1334
World Champion Kevin Sullivan’s Black Belt Schools of America is located right on the Bristol and Farmington border in Bristol, Connecticut. Our school continues on its path to provide the best martial arts instruction in Connecticut...more
Bashta's Martial Arts - 1535 Dixwell Ave, Hamden CT - (203) 248-2274
Bashta’s Martial Arts holds a philosophy that you cannot know where you are going if you do not know where you’ve been. This means that our Traditional Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do & Judo are our backbone. With that said we are n...more
Charland Institute of Karate - 979 Main St, Watertown CT - (860) 945-6565
Overcoming obstacles, dealing with life challenges, and having confidence are what our school is all about. The Charland Institute's curriculum is a blend of traditional and modern martial arts that offers an effective self-defense program ...more
Cho's Champion Tae Kwon DO - 970 N Colony Rd, #B4, Wallingford CT - (203) 284-8777
No matter your age or experience, Taekwondo is extremely good for you because it affects every aspect of your being. Cho's Champion Taekwondo incorporate relaxation and motivational Benefits, stretching, strengthening, kicking, jumping and...more